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21. Deploying Your Project

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A newer version of this tutorial using Django 1.9 is available from Leanpub:

22. SummaryΒΆ

In this book, we have gone through the process of web development from specification to deployment. Along the way we have shown how to use the Django framework to construct the models, views and templates associated with a web application. We have also demonstrated how toolkits and services like Bootstrap, JQuery, Bing Search, PythonAnywhere, etc can be integrated within an application. However, the road doesn’t stop here. While, as we have only painted the broad brush strokes of a web application - as you have probably noticed there are lots of improvements that could be made to Rango - and these finer details often take a lot more time to complete as you polish the application. By developing your application on a firm base and good setup you will be able to construct up to 80% of your site very rapidly and get a working demo online.

In future versions of this book we intend to provide some more details on various aspects of the framework, along with covering the basics of some of the other fundamental technologies associated with web development. If you have any suggestions or comments about how to improve the book please get in touch.

Please report any bugs, problems, etc, or submit change requests via GitHub: